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Wall Murals in the Kid’s room – one of the best ways to decorate the interior. Moreover, seamless children's wall murals in our online store always stand out for their original design and ease of application compared to segmented wallpapers.

Our partner Luxury Textile produces high-quality children's wall murals. Together, we develop our own projects, studying interior design trends and the preferences of our clients. During production, we use environmentally friendly and safe materials.

Deciding to buy wall murals for the nursery from our catalog, you can be confident in the high quality and durability of the products

What wall murals are best to choose for the nursery?

As you have understood, when producing wall murals for nurseries, we focus on several factors: the originality and relevance of the design, as well as the high quality of the materials. This allows us to create a product that meets all your needs.

Key criteria for choosing wall murals for kid’s:

Type and quality of material. Pay attention to the base of children's wall murals. The most optimal option for reliability and safety is non-toxic, "breathable" materials. The best combination of durability and eco-friendliness is found in non-woven and textile wall murals for nurseries. Appearance – image. We understand that children need something colorful, interesting, and even magical. Therefore, when choosing wall murals for the nursery, consider key factors: color palette, theme, room size, predominant lighting (natural or artificial). Everything should look not only bright and stylish but also harmonious. Application method. Always pay attention to the available sizes of children's wall murals for ordering. For example, our company manufactures them to your measurements, which solves many installation issues: the structure is seamless, without joints and seams, there are no differences in color between panels, no need for "adjustment," etc. We take the health and safety of our customers seriously. Therefore, Luxury Textile children's wall murals fully comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, as confirmed by certificates.

How to Choose the Right Design for Nursery Wall Murals?

In early childhood, the nursery is their entire world. Accordingly, our joint task is to create comfortable conditions for the development and well-being of the child.

Using imaginative and fairy-tale motifs is the best way to teach a child to dream and rejoice. If you prefer bright colors and cheerful themes, make sure that the children's wall murals harmonize with other elements of the interior. For example, if one wall is covered with wall murals, the rest of the space should remain lighter and calmer, perhaps with specific accents.

As children grow, their preferences change. They may like superheroes, cartoons, or movies. Ask the child what they would like. Take their wishes into account during the design process.

In turn, we recommend always considering the dimensions of the room, sources of lighting, the presence of necessary furniture, and its placement when planning renovations.

If you have decided to buy wall murals for the nursery, keep in mind that the wall allocated for them usually should remain open and not require additional decorative elements. This way, the desired aesthetic effect can be achieved.

Also, consider the visual properties of different materials. Non-woven children's wall murals can have both smooth and textured surfaces. It all depends on your preferences and the type of image.

Textile children's wall murals blend well with floral motifs and ornaments, as well as complement designer art pieces, adding sophistication and uniqueness to the room. A non-woven base is best suited for 3D children's wall murals.

Where is the best place to order wall murals for kids?

The market offers a vast assortment. Manufacturers produce children's wall murals of various designs, types, and, most importantly, qualities.

If you plan to buy wall murals for the nursery from an online store, and you are satisfied with the design and its execution, be sure to ask the seller:

Quality certificates confirming compliance with hygiene standards. We are ready to provide certificates for the inks used, as well as for the finished products. This means that Luxury Textile children's wall murals are absolutely safe for your children's health. When receiving the goods, always pay attention to any smell. Its absence indicates the quality of the wallpapers.

Request color samples. You can always order a "trial version" of children's wall murals for the room to personally assess the quality of the image and materials. In turn, we guarantee that the sample corresponds to the final product.

We offer many solutions for space decoration: children's wall murals with landscapes, panoramas, fantastic and fairy creatures, botanical and abstract motifs.

In addition to the quality characteristics of children's wall murals, also consider the visual aspect when choosing.

If necessary, we can develop a custom design.

We have a team of artists and designers ready to fulfill orders of any complexity according to your requirements, of course, for an additional fee.

We strongly recommend carefully assessing the balance between price and quality. If children's wall murals attract you with their low cost, consider the actual quality. Our company has optimized production technologies and has its own manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

One of the most frequently asked questions from our respected clients concerns the optimal choice of material for our products. Providing a definitive answer may not be easy, as the choice is closely related to the specific environment under consideration.

Which materials are suitable for which rooms? In our showroom, Art Vision Decor, a wide range of coverings on different bases is presented. Our specialists can advise you on choosing the most suitable material for your room.

Seamless non-woven wall murals

The undeniable advantages of this option include ecological integrity, tactile texture, durability, resistance to moisture and wear, as well as a reasonable price compared to other alternatives. Moreover, this base "breathes" thanks to its inherent porosity. Consequently, the wall remains free of moisture and with minimal risk of mold development.

An ideal solution for children's rooms, bedrooms, and various residential spaces.

Seamless wall murals on textile base

The difference of fabric wallpapers lies in their elegance. They withstand the passage of time without losing their brightness. A true environmentally conscious work of art on your wall, albeit at a slightly higher price.

You have the right to choose any available theme according to your desire, and we will fill it with a fabric backing.

This universal covering is suitable for spaces ranging from residential to commercial and office spaces.

Waterproof wallpaper

Their distinctive feature is waterproofness. The surface of the canvas is reinforced with a special protective coating that effectively prevents the penetration of steam and moisture into the material structure.

We recommend using waterproof wallpapers in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, spa zones, and pools.

You can be confident in the impeccable quality of products from Luxury-Textile company. You can experience it yourself because our entire range of products meets strict hygiene standards.

To purchase Luxury Textile wallpapers, follow these steps: Contact us using your preferred method of communication. Voice your preferences, share relevant information about the dimensions of the canvas (walls), and the intended conditions of use. Discuss to resolve all the nuances related to fulfilling your order. In addition to standard trimming and image scaling, additional color correction, improvement, or adjustment of design elements may be required. If you need a custom design, you can order a personalized illustration from one of our resident artists. Once our diligent craftsmen complete their work, your custom wallpaper order will be shipped to the address you provided. All our products come with comprehensive warranty coverage. You can always request additional clarification regarding the terms.

We are a reliable partner, an official representative of manufacturing companies from Ukraine, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. Our team consists solely of unmatched professionals ready to execute any project with precision and talent.

Rest assured: an interior adorned with Luxury Textile wallpapers will become the desirable realm of comfort you've been dreaming of.