Instructions for Applying Seamless Fabric Wall Covering

(textile wallpaper and seamless photo wallpaper)

Required Tools

You will need the following tools for the task:

  • Cutter (sharp utility knife by Olfa);
  • Laser level;
  • Coarse flat brush;
  • Short-bristled adhesive roller and smoothing roller;
  • Palette knife or metal ruler;
  • Ruler and metal plumb line.

Surface Preparation

    Begin by priming the surface. It should be hard, smooth, dry, and free from oil and dust. Remove old wallpaper and paint from the walls. Fill any cracks and holes (surface damage) with gypsum and plaster. Finish the walls with the "Ceresit" ST-17 primer. Before hanging the wallpaper, apply the primer evenly over the wall surface to reduce the absorption of wallpaper glue.

    Never use a felt pen or pen to draw on the walls!

    Use heavy vinyl wallpaper glue or textile wallpaper glue, such as "Beeline" vinyl wallpaper and textile wallpaper glue or glue suitable for such covering from any other reputable manufacturer. Approximately 5 kg of prepared glue is sufficient for covering about 15-20 square meters of textile wallpaper.

When applying wallpaper from our manufacturing, apply the glue in doses (with a short-bristled roller) without excess.

Wallpaper Application:

  1. Unpack the wallpaper roll with the print inside the tube.
  2. Apply adhesive to the wall from top to bottom (strip width is approximately 1.5-2 meters).
  3. Begin wallpapering with a slight overlap at the first corner or the marked strip and ceiling for later trimming (the size of the seamless photo wallpaper should be 10 mm wider and 30 mm longer than the surface to be covered).
  4. Place the wallpaper along the marked lines and begin unrolling it along the wall, using a roller to eliminate air bubbles. Repeat this process until the wallpaper roll is fully applied.

Trimming the Excess:

  • Use a palette knife or metal ruler to trim angles and edges of the wallpaper.
  • Maintain a sharp cutting edge throughout the process.

When applying seamless photo wallpaper, strictly avoid using a palette knife to smooth the wallpaper to prevent damage to the print. Use only the smoothing roller!

Video instruction